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Full Schedule

  • Wednesday, August 11, 2021
  • 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM US CT
    Tasked with Telemedicine Training? How to Integrate Novel Curricula Into Medical Education

    Workshop Leader: Suzanne Friedman, MD – Columbia University Medical Center

    Workshop Co-Leader: Lauren T. Roth, MD – Montefiore Medical Center/Albert Einstein College of Medicine

    Workshop Co-Leader: Marguerite Costich

    Workshop Co-Leader: Laura Robbins-Milne, MD – Columbia University

    Workshop Co-Leader: Mariellen Lane, MD – Columbia University NYP

    Workshop Co-Leader: Edith Bracho-Sanchez, MD – Columbia University Medical Center

    Telemedicine expanded at an exponential rate during the COVID-19 global pandemic and its use is already changing the way medicine is practiced. Despite its rapid growth, telemedicine has not been traditionally integrated into medical training, leaving each academic center to develop curricula on their own, if at all, and potentially leaving learners to enter medical practice without important skills. The purpose of this session is to share universal elements of these curricula in an interactive fashion, providing teachers with tools to incorporate telemedicine into their curriculum and precept and evaluate trainees accordingly, regardless of specialty or practice type, all while meeting ACGME and AAMC competencies. Learners will become familiar with strategies to implement telehealth into their teaching curriculum. The session will draw on participants’ experience with telemedicine to identify curriculum development elements that are applicable to all training programs.

    Introduction [15 minutes]
    Audience response polling to establish audience experience with telemedicine and resident education on telemedicine
    Brief overview of telemedicine in the COVID-19 Era
    Benefits and Barriers [20 minutes]
    Small Group Break Outs – each group assigned a topic to discuss regarding benefits and barriers based on results of the audience polling
    Large group report out with virtual blackboard
    Designing a Resident Telemedicine Curriculum [20 minutes]
    Brief overview of best practices on telemedicine communication skills including simulation of virtual visit
    Small Group Break Out discussing methods for teaching and precepting telemedicine skills, including use of the electronic medical record
    Each group will be given a different element inherent to telemedicine including teaching communication skills, teaching clinical reasoning, and precepting
    Large Group Report Out
    Sample Curriculum [10 minutes]
    Recap the development and implementation of resident telemedicine curricula at 2 NYC institutions
    Evaluation [20 minutes]
    Overview of ACGME and AAMC Telemedicine Competencies
    Jigsaw Method – small groups will each focus on a specific skill or competency and determine methods to evaluate residents
    Large Group Report Out
    Sharing of evaluation tools from presenters’ institutions
    Lessons Learned [20 minutes]
    Discuss lessons learned from 2 NYC institutions who implemented resident telemedicine curricula
    Sharing as a group what participants will bring back to their institution
    Conclusion [10 minutes]

    Social Media & Technology

    Education Pathway

    Telemedicine/EHR/Medical Informatics