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Full Schedule

  • Thursday, August 19, 2021
  • 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM US CT
    It’s Not Your Slides, It’s You: Effective Oral Communication in the Real and Virtual World

    Workshop Leader: Christopher Russo, MD FAAP – WellSpan Health

    Workshop Co-Leader: Laura Hodo, MD – Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

    Most pediatricians consider themselves good communicators, and when it comes to clinic encounters, bedside rounds, or speaking to small groups; this is to be expected, as this type of communication is a core part of medical training. Few clinicians, however, have received coaching or formal training in effective communications strategies despite being called upon to make presentations frequently, in a variety of settings, and to a variety of audiences. The result is lost potential for the speaker and diminished impact upon an audience. The good news is that presenting with clarity, power, and authenticity is an attainable, learnable skill.

    In this highly interactive workshop, participants will learn the keys to effective oral presentations. Drawing from multiple professional spheres, including education, business, theatre, marketing, and law, core principles of effective communication will be presented, such as understanding the dynamics of audience demographics and matching delivery style to a setting. Particular emphasis will be placed on adult learning theories, as well as strategies to engage millennial audiences. The challenges of presenting in virtual forums and strategies to engage audiences virtually will be discussed.

    At the outset of the workshop, participants will learn the basics of public speaking including vocal range, vocabulary, pitch, rhetorical awareness, and non-verbal communication. Next, participants will learn techniques to improve their delivery through facilitator-led small group exercises focusing on enunciation, projection, and body language. Following a short didactic on the special skills of dramatic and persuasive speaking, participants will practice these newly learned skills. During the workshop, successful techniques for virtual audiences will be demonstrated. Finally, participants will be guided toward developing a personalized action plan for addressing their difficulties with oral presentations and practicing techniques for increasing the persuasiveness and effectiveness of their verbal communication.

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