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  • Wednesday, September 15, 2021
  • 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM US CT
    Resuscitating Your Training Program to Promote Diversity, Drive Equity, and Dismantle Institutional Racism

    Workshop Co-Leader: Yael Smiley, MD – Children's National Hospital

    Workshop Leader: Enrique Escalante, MD, MSHS – Children's National Hospital

    Workshop Co-Leader: Dewesh Agrawal, MD – Children's National Hospital, Washington, DC

    Workshop Co-Leader: Aisha Barber, MD MEd – Children's National Health System

    Workshop Speaker: Jeanne Delgado, MD – University of California, Los Angeles

    Workshop Speaker: Jessica Hippolyte, MD, MPH – Children's National Hospital

    Workshop Speaker: Olanrewaju Falusi, MD – Children's National Hospital

    Workshop Speaker: Nailah Gallego Clemmons, MD – Children’s National Hospital

    Workshop Speaker: Lemaat Michael

    Workshop Speaker: Cara Lichtenstein, MD. MPH – Children's National Hospital

    Workshop Speaker: Chidiogo Anyigbo, MD, MPH – Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

    Workshop Speaker: Melissa Delia, MD – Children's National Medical Center

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    Institutional racism persists within medicine, academic health centers, and training programs. This creates negative health effects for children and numerous challenges for physicians from backgrounds under-represented in medicine (UIM). Diversifying the workforce is one of the promising strategies that may lead to a reduction in institutional racism and foster equity. The Pediatric Residency Program at Children’s National Hospital has successfully recruited an increasingly diverse resident body as one step to graduate self-actualized future pediatric leaders equipped with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to dismantle structural racism.

    This workshop will provide participants with an overview of specific strategies that they can introduce at their home institutions to increase UIM diversity. The workshop will begin with a discussion of racism and diversity in academic medicine. Using audience polling technology, we will guide an interactive and evidence-based discussion demonstrating how diversifying the workforce drives equity. We will then present a variety of strategies that have been implemented at our institution to address institutional racism. Then participants will divide into small breakout groups to explore three strategies in-depth: (1) the “Minority Senior Scholarship Program”, a pipeline program to increase UIM student interest in academic pediatrics and introduce them to our residency program; (2) “Enhanced Recruitment and Interview Practices” encompassing strategies from pre-interview season recruitment through applicant review to increase the chances of matching excellent UIM applicants; and (3) strategies used to build community, support UIM residents, and promote inclusion. In small groups, the workshop participants will discuss necessary investments, implementation strategies, measure of success, and assessment approaches for each strategy. Each participant will rotate through each of the small groups.

    A large group discussion will then focus on implementation challenges and opportunities. At the conclusion of the workshop, participants will leave with a toolbox of strategies that can be used to diversify their respective educational settings.

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    Diversity and Inclusion

    Health Equity/Social Determinants of Health

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